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"Bergamo, the town of pipe-organs". With this simple sentence the musicologist Renato Lunelli summarized in 1958 his own opinion about the extraordinary importance of the organ building art developed in the Province of Bergamo, since the fourteenth century until the beginning of the twentieth century, by such famous organ builder families as the Serassi, the Bossi, the Locatelli and other ones.

This web site wants to help the diffusion of the knowledge of the big artistic (and cultural) richness, yet not completely known, composed by more than 500 instruments existing in the province of Bergamo.

The documentation exposed in the first version of this web site is only a small part of the long, complex work begun by a small research team, promoted by C.N.R. (Consiglio Nazionale delle ricerche), under the lead of the Province of Bergamo inside the "Targeted Cultural-Works Project" (Progetto Finalizzato Beni Culturali) of C.N.R.


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The proposed version is not yet comprehensive, but only exemplifing. The information chosen is mainly extracted by the data contained in the database. Therefore many fields, even though available, were not filled.

Last update was on october 2003.

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