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December 14, 2019 A A A italiano

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 ... il pubblico potrà così rendersi conto di come sia viva e vitale la vocazione artistica del nostro territorio ...

Bergamo, home of art, a definition which has now become a sort of symbol, attracts thousands of visitors each year to the churches, museums and pictoresque squares not only of the city itself but of the whole province. But its past beauties and the fame of its paintings by Lotto, Moroni and Baschenis - as well as latter-day works by Funi and Sironi - should not allow us to forget that Bergamo still has a strongt tradition of art and that dozens of artists live and work here. Several of them have now become famous names and their works are greatly esteemed all over Europe and in some cases also on overseas markets.
As regards the other artists, more precise critical evaluations are at present being carried out. As always, however, it will be time, that gallant critic, which will tell you and which will allow us to distinguish between the most prestigious works and lesser creations. It is felt, neverlthless, that the Public Administration Authorities should undertake the task of offering all the artists in Bergamo, woerthy successors of its past glories, the chance to show their works of art to the rest of the world.
This catalogue contains the works of professional artists only, an objective choice based on precise data and made without any discrimination as to the school of art to which the artists belong, age, academic qualifications or artistic trend. While adopting strict criteria in selection, the number of examples included in the catalogue is high: as many as 1.000 files, providing an extremely varied, stimulating overwiew of the artists at work in Bergamo, thus allowing the general public to realize just now strongly artistic tradition is still being adhered to the area and how important it is to follow its development.
This site is meant to be a showcase used to display the artistic wealth of contemporary Bergamo, yet at the same time a guided itinerary for those who, by making use of the whole Web network, wish to be a partof all the cultural events of the area - those who are not only interested in what is taking place in the great art capitals of the world - from New York to Paris - but who are also receptive, without any trace of snobbery, to whatever valid proposal is offered them.